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Consulting in Product and Process Optimization

We assist researchers and engineers in developing new technologies and superior products with greater speed and lower costs.

Training in Statistical Methods

The education, experience, communication skills, and passion that our instructors possess provide an extraordinary learning experience.

Expert Testimony

We specialize in predicting the performance of consumer products in the marketplace by using risk assessment and statistical methods.

Integral Concepts

Integral Concepts provides consulting and training services to companies around the world. We assist companies in optimizing product design and manufacturing processes to ensure high quality and reliability while minimizing costs.


Consulting Services

We specialize in the application of quantitative methods to understand, predict, and optimize product designs, manufacturing and reliability.
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Training Services

Integral Concepts offers on-site courses in quality, reliability, and statistical methods. Our seminars are rated “outstanding” by 98% of attendees.
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Expert Testimony

We provide expert testimony and litigation support in the areas of manufacturing, quality, reliability, warranty forecasting, and statistics.
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“We brought Integral Concepts in to help with a DOE to reduce a large scrap problem. From initial phone contact to on-site work, they directed us on a path we probably wouldn’t have found on our own. They provided us with meaningful results and we definitely use their consulting services again.”

Andy Glasner, BorgWarner

“Integral Concepts professionals’ passion has been transferred to our employees… Some results include $2.8 million dollars savings in scrap and 12% improvement in productivity.”

Nancy Day, Director of Systems and Process Quality

“I worked directly with Dr. W. Edwards Deming from 1984 to 1993. Allise Wachs is the best instructor of process control, design of experiments, and problem solving tools that I have ever worked with since my friendship with Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

Ron McCoy, General Manager
SelectComfort Corporation

“The only way that I could describe the Design of Experiments I presentation would be as a resounding success. Allise’s style and teaching ability rivals the BEST. Our employees have unanimously requested that she be brought back to teach Advanced DOE.

Bob Waters, Manager, Global Training & Development
The Gillette Company

“Integral Concepts assisted us in understanding the factors affecting a significant product characteristic. As a result, the product will be greatly improved. The consulting, analyses, reports, and communication were professional, prompt, valuable, and clear.”

Hameed Khan, Vice President of Research & Development
Rieter Automotive Systems

“What sets Integral Concepts apart from other companies is a keen understanding of manufacturing processes and an ability to teach and apply methods effectively. Integral Concepts’ guidance has been instrumental in the statistical methods we use to reduce variation and optimize our production.”

Kathie Herriman, Manager of Quality Services

“Integral Concepts has the best consultants I have worked with in solving complex problems by using Design of Experiments. Their work with my quality and manufacturing engineers resulted in savings in excess of $2,000,000.”

Ron McCoy, General Manager


Planning for a DOE
Design of Experiments
By Steven Wachs / September 25, 2020

Planning for a DOE

In this blog post, we discuss the suggested steps for planning a Designed Experiment. Step #1 – Clearly Define the...

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Design of Experiments
By Steven Wachs / September 17, 2020

Basic DOE Terminology

In this blog post, we formally define or describe the basic terminology that is commonly used in Design of Experiments. ...

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Design of Experiments
By Steven Wachs / September 8, 2020

How is Formal Experimentation different from Simplistic Approaches? (Part II)

Statistically based DOE provides several advantages over more simplistic approaches such “one-factor-at-a-time” experimentation.  These advantages include: The use of statistical...

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