Reliability / Weibull Analysis


  • Understand reliability concepts and unique aspects of reliability data
  • Understand underlying probability and statistical concepts for reliability analysis
  • Develop competency in the modeling and analysis of time-to-failure data
  • Understand reliability metrics and how to estimate and report them
  • Estimate reliability of subsystems and systems
  • Determine if reliability specifications are met (at specified confidence level) or whether design improvements are required
  • Develop competency in the planning of reliability tests (excluding ALT)
  • Analyze existing warranty data to predict future returns
  • Develop awareness of more advanced topics in Reliability

Seminar Content (3 Days)

  1. Reliability Concepts and Reliability Data
    • Reliability in Product and Process Development
    • Unique Characteristics of Reliability Data
    • Censored Data
  2. Probability and Statistics Concepts
    • Basic Probability Concepts
    • Probability Distributions (e.g. Weibull, Lognormal, etc.)
    • Probability Distribution Functions
    • CDF and Reliability Functions
    • Reliability Metrics: Hazard Rate, Mean Time to Failure, Percentiles
    • Conditional Reliability
    • Burn-In (for Infant Mortality)
  3. Assessing & Selecting Models (Distributions) for Failure Data
    • Probability Plotting with and without Censored Data
    • Identifying the Best Distribution(s)
    • Criteria for Comparing Models
  4. Estimation of Reliability Characteristics
    • Estimation Methods (Maximum Likelihood, Rank Regression)
    • Reliability/Weibull Analysis (and other distributions)
    • Precision of Estimates/Confidence Intervals
  5. Introduction to Reliability of Systems
    • Series Systems
    • Parallel Systems
    • K-out-of-n Systems
    • Complex Systems
    • Introduction to System Modeling, Reliability Allocation
  6. Introduction to Reliability Test Planning
    • Test planning regimes
    • Reliability Estimation Test Plans
    • Reliability Demonstration Test Plans
    • Sample Sizes for Estimation and Demonstration Test Plans
    • Sample Size / Testing Time Trade-offs
  7. Analysis of Warranty Data
    • Data Setup
    • Identifying Models for Failure Data
    • Forecasting Future Warranty Returns
    • Non-Homogeneous Production Periods
  8. Introduction to Advanced Topics / Other Topics
    • Accelerated Life Testing
    • Design for Reliability
    • Stress/Strength Analysis