Expert Testimony

Integral Concepts’ professionals provide expert testimony in the areas of product liability, product quality and reliability, forecasting of future failures, product design & testing, and manufacturing.  We specialize in predicting the performance of consumer products in the marketplace by using risk assessment and statistical methods.

Our ability to communicate and connect with juries distinguishes us from other technical experts. We have successfully presented highly technical results to juries in a manner that they can understand and appreciate.

Since most of our business is working directly with companies to optimize product designs and manufacturing processes, we are able to utilize this experience to advocate for our clients in disputes and litigation.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Data Analysis and Graphical Presentation
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Probability
  • Risk Assessment
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Reliability/Weibull Analysis
  • Warranty Prediction
  • Statistics Expert Witness
  • Prediction of Future Failures
  • Product Liability
  • Product Quality & Reliability
  • Quality Control Expert Witness
  • Manufacturing Quality Systems
  • Methods to prevent product failures
  • Methods to detect process changes
  • Clear communication to laypeople

Sample Litigation / Expert Testimony Cases

  • Architectural Building Product Manufacturer vs. Supplier

Provided warranty forecasts.  Analyzed the adequacy of manufacturing systems for a chemical process performed on aluminum extrusions.  Assessed measurement systems.  Designed and analyzed a study to determine the cause of the failures.  Provided expert testimony in deposition.  Work let to a successful settlement for our client prior to trial.

  • Class Action Lawsuit vs. Auto Manufacturer

Provided Statistics Expert Witness of failure rates of an engine component.  Compared failure rates with other manufacturers and provided warranty forecasts.  Provided expert testimony via deposition.

  • Supplier vs. Aircraft Engine Manufacturer

Testified on the likely root causes of crankshaft failures on prop planes. Performed Reliability Expert Witness and refuted manufacturer’s analysis.  Provided support for a trial verdict for our client which led to a large damage award.

  • State Government v. Medical Care Provider

Opined on the adequacy of statistical sampling and extrapolation methodology used by the government to determine the amount potentially overpaid in reimbursements.  Testified, leading to a win for our client.

  • Class Action Lawsuit vs. a Building Product Manufacturer

Provided warranty forecasts.  Analyzed the adequacy of manufacturing systems and testing for wood treatment.  Determined when a company should have known of premature failures.  Deposed twice.  Identified significant flaws in opposing expert analysis.  Case settled.

  • Class Action Lawsuit vs. Insurance Company

Testified and helped Insurance Comapny win a class action suit regarding the use of aftermarket body parts.