DOE For Mixtures/Formulations

This course builds on the fundamental DOE concepts and experimental designs learned in the Design of Experiments course and on the optimization designs learned in the Advanced DOE course. Experiments involving mixtures or formulations have dependent factors and restricted design spaces which require unique designs and analysis methods. Participants learn how to effectively design formulations to achieve optimal properties. Experiments which combine mixtures and regular process variables are also discussed.

Seminar Content (1 Day)

  • Simplex Lattice Designs and Models
  • Simplex Centroid Designs and Models
  • Model Building and Interpretation
  • Designs with Lower Bound Constraints
  • Designs with Lower and Upper Bound Constraints
  • Pseudocomponents
  • Extreme Vertices Designs
  • Screening Designs for Mixtures
  • Modeling with Inverse Terms
  • Mixtures with Process Variables