Litigation Testimonials

“You did a great job on the witness stand! We appreciate all of your hard work and look forward to working together again.”

Hal Walker, Esq.,
Rose-Walker, LLP

“Your statistical analysis in a number of recent post-payment reviews was invaluable. You promptly evaluated the relevant data and you provided a straight-forward assessment of the validity of the statistical methodology. Our clients more fully understood the basis of overpayment amounts and were thus able to make an informed decision on whether valid defenses existed to challenge the statistical methodology. Thank you for your commitment and efforts.”

Theresamarie Mantese
Rogers Mantese & Associates, P.C.

“I’m so happy that you got to be involved with us in the ISW v Lycoming case. What an experience! I was really impressed with your ability to teach the jurors what it is that you did and what it all meant. You’re a natural. Thanks for making me look good.”

John Meyer,
Packer Engineering