Measurement System Assessment

Course Overview

This course teaches participants the fundamental concepts and methods needed to assess the capability and reliability of measurement systems. Both the Range and ANOVA methods of Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (Gage R&R) studies are covered in detail. Knowledge of basic algebra is helpful.

Seminar Content

  1. Introduction to Measurement Systems
    • Definitions
    • Measurement Processes
    • Discrimination
    • Accuracy, Precision, Linearity
    • Repeatability & Reproducibility
    • Product, Measurement, & Total Variation
  2. Gage R&R
    • Planning Measurement Assessments
    • Implementation of Gage R&R Studies
    • Analysis of Gage R&R Studies
    • Range Method and ANOVA Method
  3. Linearity Assessment
    • Linearity & Bias Studies
    • Linearity with respect to Precision
  4. Attribute Measurement Systems
    • Planning for Attribute Systems Assessments
    • Short Method
    • Estimation of Repeatability for Attribute Systems (Analytic Method)
  5. Non-Replicable Systems
    • Destructive Testing
    • Dynamic Process Conditions
    • Dynamic Part/Sample Properties