Advanced reliability / Weibull Analysis

Course Overview

This course builds on the fundamental reliability concepts and methods learned in the Reliability/Weibull Analysis course. This course goes beyond reliability estimation and reporting by covering methods for improving reliability. Other advanced topics include accelerated life testing, analyzing repairable systems data, and analyzing binary response data. It is assumed that participants have taken the Reliability/Weibull Analysis course (or equivalent).

Seminar Content

  1. Reliability Test Planning
    • Test Planning Regimes
    • Sample Size Calculations
    • Using Software for Reliability Estimation Test Plans
    • Reliability Demonstration Test Plans
  2. Regression Modeling of Reliability Data
    • Overview of Simple Linear Regression Models
    • Lognormal and Weibull Accelerated Failure Time (AFT) Models
    • Using Software for Regression of Failure Time Data (Example)
  3. Accelerated Life Testing (ALT)
    • Accelerating Methods
    • Accelerated Life Test Models
    • Arrhenius Models
    • Inverse Power Law Models
    • Strategy for Analyzing ALT Data
    • Planning Accelerated Life Tests
    • Accelerated Life Test Analysis Using Software
  4. Repairable Systems Analysis
    • Mean Cumulative Function
    • Rate of Occurrence of Failure (ROCOF)
    • Parametric Models for Repairable Systems
    • Homogeneous Poisson process
    • Non-Homogeneous Poisson process
    • Power ROCOF Model
    • Tests for Trends
    • Repairable Systems Analysis Using Software
  5. Reliability Growth
    • Duane model
    • AMSAA model
  6. Analysis of Binary Response Data
    • Probit Model
    • Analysis of Binary Response Data Using Software