Advanced Hypothesis Testing, & Regression

Course Overview

This course supplements several of the topics in the “Statistics, Hypothesis Testing, & Regression” course. Hypothesis Tests for relationships between 2 categorical variables is discussed. Regression models for non-continuous responses are covered in detail. Nonparametric hypothesis tests are covered (for cases where the distribution assumptions of the standard tests are violated).

Seminar Content

  1. Review of Discrete Distributions
    • Binomial Distribution
    • Hypergeometric Distribution
    • Poisson Distribution
  2. Chi-Square Test of Independence
    • Testing for relationship between 2 categorical variables
  3. Regression Models for Discrete Responses
    • Binary Logistic Regression
    • Ordinal Logistic Regression
    • Nominal Logistic Regression
  4. Transformations & Distribution Fitting
    • Transforming Data
    • Distribution Fitting
  5. Nonparametric Hypothesis Tests
    • 1-Sample Sign Test and Wilcoxon Test (1 Median)
    • 2-Sample Rank Test (Mann-Whitney) (2 Medians)
    • Kruskal-Wallis Test and Mood’s Median Test (Multiple Medians)
    • Levene’s Test (2 Variances)