Problem Prevention & Resolution

Companies that focus on preventing problems achieve considerably higher efficiency and profitability than those who typically operate in reactive mode. Unfortunately, most companies spend too much time firefighting and managing crises, which takes away from value-added activities. Nearly all of the problems we encounter could have been prevented with appropriate process controls and disciplines.

Integral Concepts can assist you in the implementation of methods and tools that will allow you to be in control of your operations, rather than your processes and problems controlling you! When issues do arise, we can assist you in quickly identifying the cause(s) of the problem and developing optimal solutions.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Developing process understanding through optimal experimentation
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Problem Solving
  • Design of Experiments
  • Risk Assessment
  • Data & Graphical Analysis
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Regression Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Reliability/Weibull Analysis
  • Control and Reaction Plans

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