Manufacturing Optimization

Most products must meet highly specific requirements. For example, products must be acceptable with regard to strength, dimensional values, optics, appearance, roundness, torque, weld integrity, and so on. Often, manufacturing operations have difficulties achieving these product performance targets due to excessive variation in materials, equipment, human operations, the environment, etc. In other cases, a manufacturer does not know the optimal values for production settings such as equipment speeds, pressures, temperatures, cycle times, and loads.

Integral Concepts works with manufacturing personnel to quickly identify optimal operating settings. Furthermore, we help manufacturers understand which sources of variation are most important to control. Using sensitivity analysis, we identify how small changes in operating settings impact the performance of products. The immediate savings we provide usually range from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Design of Experiments
  • Response Surface Methods
  • Multi-Response Optimization
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Control and Reaction Plans
  • Data Analysis
  • Statistical Modeling

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